• Off grid or hybrid optional
  • 2 MPPT input, 8KW PV array power
  • 6KW inverter, Max 6pcs in parallel (3pcs for one base)
  • Grade A battery cells, up to 6000+ cycles
  • 5.5KWh battery, Max 12pcs in parallel (6pcs for one base)
  • Easy to install, combined freely
  • BMS & battery capacity auto-sense
  • WiFi/GPRS remote monitoring (optional)

Part 1

Model ESS-IBH610648
Inverter Part
Model ESS-IH6048
Rated Power 6KVA/6KW
System DC Voltage 48Vdc
Parallel Option Max 6pcs in parallel (3pcs for one base)
Monitoring Option WiFi/GPRS
Inverter Output
AC Output 220V-230V-240VAC
Surge Power 12000VA
Peak Conversion Efficiency 94%
Transfer Time 10ms (for personal computers) 20ms (for home appliances)
Waveform Pure sine wave
Self Consumption at 0 Load <70watt

Part 2

Solar Charger
Type of PV Array Input Terminal MC4
Max. PV Array Open Circuit Voltage 500Voc
Max. PV Input Current/Per String 16A
Number of PV Array Input 2 Strings
MaxPV Array Power Each String:4000watt; Total 8000watt
MPPT Working Range 120-450VDC
Battery Overcharge Protection 60VDC
Max Solar Charge Current 100A
AC Charger(Grid/Generator)
Max.Grid Charge Current 80A
Max.(AC+PV) Current 100A
Protection Overload, Short circuit, Overcurrent,Overvoltage, Undervoltage,
Over-Frequency, Under-Frequency, Overheat, Lightning, Surge Power
Part 3

Dimension 630x440x150mm
Net Weight 16KG
Communication Interface CAN/RS485/USB
Humidity 5% to 95% Relative Humidity (non-condensing)
Altitude <2000m
Operating Temperature 0℃〜55℃
Storage Temperature -15℃〜60℃
Noise <60db
Certificate CE, IEC62109-1,IEC62109-2
Part 4

Battery Part
Model ESS-BH106
Battery Voltage 51.2V
Battery Capacity 104Ah
Max. Energy 5.5KWh
Max.Capacity 106Ah
Available Capacity 100Ah
Available Energy 5KWh
Working Voltage Range 40-58.4V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 40V
Parallel Max. Units Max 12pcs in parallel (6pcs for one base)
Max. Charge and Discharge Current 100A
Peak Discharge Current / Time 250A/150ms
Cycle Life 6000cycles @ 80%DOD,0.2C
IP Rating IP 20
Dimension 630x440x150mm
Communication BMS RS485/CAN
Warranty 5 Years
Weight 48KG
Operation Temperature Charge 0~55°C
Operation Temperature Discharge -20~55°C
Storage Environment -20~+55°C、10~90%RH
Certification CE(EMC)/UN38.3/MSDS/ROHS
Mounting Base
Dimension 630x440x132mm