• Installation in Panama

    Model: Sunrino-SP series 6KW 120V/240V Low Frequency Split Phase Solar Inverter 6KVA 48VDC Pure sine wave,Max PV 5000W Warranty:2 years Weigh:45kg

  • Installation in Thailand

    Model:Sunforce BC 5000W 48V 100A

  • Installation in Puerto Rico

    Model:Sunicorn MHP 3KW-LV 120V/240V  Four units 3000w offgrid inverters at parallel to work over one year.

  • 6KW Split Phase System in Haiti

    Model: Sunrino-SP 6000

  • Growatt 2020 Annual Meeting

    Growatt people and strategic partners from all over the world gathered together to share the feelings and pride of Growatt since its establishment 10 years ago, to see the growth and breakthrough of Growatt together, ...

  • Installation in Afghanistan

    Model: Sunicorn-MHP 5000

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