Release Date: 2022-8-15 10:41:25

From August 9th to 11th, 2022, we participated in the Solar Photovoltaic Expo, where our products attracted much attention, and many customers were interested in learning about our solar off-grid inverters.

We showcased some main products, including high frequency off-grid inverters: BP series (best-selling), MHP series; low-frequency off-grid inverters: SPS series, MLS series, MLP series; solar water pump inverters.

Among them, MLS is the second-generation low-frequency off-grid machine.

Features of Sacolar MLS series inverters:
1.  Rate power: 3kw/6kw
2.  250v mppt solar charge controller
3.  With Low frequency transformer
4.  Extremely low self consumption when no load
5.  Can disconnect less important load when overload
6.  High conversion efficiency
7.  With AC couple function to wake up on grid inverter
8.  With AC input limitation function

The quality of our products has won the trust of many customers, thank you for your attention, we will continue to supply customers with high-quality solar inverters

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